The Media and Genocide Archive

In conjunction with the symposium, the School of Journalism and Communication is establishing a research archive at Carleton University to house material related to the media and the genocide.

Our goal is to make all of this material available online, through this website. The archive will include audio, video and text material, including all of the radio reports broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) during the genocide.

The archive will also include the entire collection of radio interviews conducted by Michael Enright with Romeo Dallaire for the CBC Radio program As It Happens.

The collection will also include the wealth of material collected by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in the course of the media trial, such as audio recordings and transcripts of RTLM broadcasts and clippings from the extremist Kangura newspaper.

A searchable database of RTLM and Kangura reports developed for the tribunal will be housed in the Carleton archive.

We will also replicate the Rwanda archive created by British journalist Linda Melvern, who assembled a massive collection of genocide-related documents in the course of researching her books on these events.



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