Undone: Dallaire/Rwanda
an exhibit by Gertrude Kearns

Gertrude Kearns, a Toronto artist, explored the Rwanda genocide and the role of Canadian general Romeo Dallaire in a 2002 exhibition entitled: Undone: Dallaire/Rwanda. Pieces from the exhibit, which took place at Toronto's Propellor Centre for the Visual Arts, are included here with the artist's permission on the Media and the Rwanda Genocide website.

Critics have described Kearns's work on Rwanda and Dallaire as a "brutal and brilliant exhibition," and a "sustained meditation on the meaning of the appalling 1994 genocide."

The exhibit featured works painted on commercially available nylon canvas, pre-printed with a military camouflage design.

One of Kearns' paintings of Dallaire was inspired by a powerful photograph taken by Toronto Star photographer Rick Madonik.

Two of the Dallaire portaits by Kearns exhibited in the new Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.


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